Alex - Academic advisor

Alex is Professor of Social Entrepreneurship within the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. His research areas include social finance, social impact investing, and the nexus of relationships between accounting, accountability and governance. Alongside multiple other publications, Alex is the editor of Social Entrepreneurship: New Models of Sustainable Social Change, the first academic collaboration to focus on Social Entrepreneurship.

Abdel - Head of Data Science

Abdel is a computer science student at the University of Oxford with an emphasis on machine/deep learning and data science. Previously Head of Data Science at Namur Capital Management, Abdel brings a combination of financial knowledge, technical skills and a passion for Effective Altruism to the team.

Ben - Business Development

Ben recently graduated from the University of Bath. During his tenure, Ben gained deep academic knowledge of Effective Altruism and was among the first students in the country to conduct a research report on the movement. Ben has worked for a technology think tank in Brussels and has played an important role in the formation of the early stage investment advisory, Catalyst Founders. 

David - Investment Director

David Calfo has over 25 years experience in Financial Services in the US, UK and Continental Europe.  In capacities as both an Executive and as an Advisor he has established, managed and advised retirement and investment businesses for some of the largest Financial Services firms. His varied experience includes positions at Fidelity, Capital Group and BNY Mellon. 

Jeffery - CTO

Jeffery is a highly experienced technologist and designer with over 20 years' experience working across continents. His work designing thoughtful, holistic products for a wide range of industries coupled with his commitment to Effective Investing's values makes him an invaluable member of the team. 

Richard - Finance

A chartered accountant wth 10 years' industry experience, Richard brings intellectual and domain rigour to the Total Firm Value methodology, alongside deep insight into Company and Charity operations. Richard's work has spanned large corporates, charities and social enterprises.    

Sanjay - COO

Sanjay has significant experience designing and implementing large scale, high impact solutions, across countries and sectors. His expertise ranges from fund raising and advisory, to research and advocacy. His recent engagements include the successful scaling of a collaborative partnership to see philanthropic dollars allocated to high Value Indian charities.

Stephen - CEO

After graduating from Cambridge, Stephen engaged in a career in finance, spanning multiple continents and divisions, with a focus on Corporate Finance advisory. Subsequently, Stephen has taken numerous advisory, fundraising and mentoring positions across the investing landscape. Stephen is also building an innovative school in Mozambique, and is part of the think tank.